Cameron Mingay Discusses Divesting for Growth

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, strategic acquisitions and consolidation are often pointed to as the prevailing trends. However, divestment of non-core business units has become an important tool to drive strategic growth across all industries, including in the life sciences sector.

Cameron Mingay was one of four experts invited to discuss divesting for growth for a Q&A report published by Mergermarket titled "Divesting for Growth: The Value of Selling Non-Core Units."

Questions included:

  • How effective are divestments as part of a growth strategy?
  • What do people need to think about when considering divestment in today's business climate?
  • What trends in divestment activity have you seen in the market this year, and what do you think is driving such activity?
  • Do you see a correlation between the pressure for digital transformation and divestment activity?
  • Do you believe this increase in strategic divestments will continue into 2017?

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